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    Trombone Rag - Watergate Seven + One 1997

    bob erwig

    by bob erwig

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    Trombone Rag - Watergate Seven plus one 1997
    This band was formed in 1974 by trombonist Daniel Barda, who’s dayjob is leading a symphony orchestra, together with brothers Alain (banjo) and Michel (tuba) Marcheteau. The band’s inspiration came from the music of Lu Watters/Turk Murphy Yerba Buena Jazz Band who launched the West Coast jazz revival in San Francisco in 1939. The Trombone Rag is a tune compossed by trombonist Turk Murphy.
    The band has a big following and plays on a regular basis in ‘Le Petit Journal’ in Paris which features mainly traditional jazz.
    Next to Barda and the Marcheteau brothers we see Marcel Bornstein playing trumpet ( he also played in the “St Louis Blues” clip by Sidney Bechet and the Andre Reweliotty Orchestra in 1951). Georges Billecard clarinet, Marc Richard alt sax, Claude Lefort piano, and Francois Cotin drums