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    Image Of 29 Sumo Wrestlers Packed In Small Plane Goes Viral

    Geo Beats

    by Geo Beats

    A twitter image showing a group of sumo wrestlers traveling together goes viral.

    It's uncomfortable enough to fly, can you imagine what it'd be like if sumo wrestlers are your flight companions.

    On a recent flight, 29 sumo wrestlers packed themselves into a small plane in Japan.

    The athletes were on their way to a training camp. While the flight was a bit snug, they all appeared to arrive in good spirits.

    They all belong to the stable Hakkaku, which is located in the historic sumo neighborhood of Rygoku in Tokyo.

    The official Twitter account of the Hakkaku stable tweeted photos of the entire journey, including a photo of all the wrestlers on the plane, along with this translated message, "This is what it looked like inside the flight. Packed."

    As if being cramped on an airplane wasn't enough, the 29 wrestlers squeezed themselves into an equally small bus after their flight.

    The stable posted another photo of the wrestlers along with this translated tweet, "On the bus to the party venue. I know it looks like we’re getting smothered, but don’t say anything! LOL Actually, the air conditioner is on, and it’s only a short drive, so we’re fine.”