Atlanta Private Visit


by somesai



this video sucks
By stelarestlabartoi 6 years ago
frances, thanks for all the great pics! i'm saying hi to you when i see you on the video
By minicutebear 8 years ago
Enjoyed the opportunity to observe first hand the focus of mind and body that it takes to produce the wonderful photos from Somesai we take for granted. Kinda wish some of the comments could have stayed focussed as well, with less resort to personal aspects that maybe are more appropriate to a one-on-one e-mail.
By mamamei 8 years ago
FRances, you came back from Atlanta with so many wonderful photos of Mei Lan and Lun Lun, which you generously shared with us. It's fun to see you actually taking the pictures. Loved the video. (You need a little folding footstool to add to your already bulging equipment bag!)
By Sandra Parshall 8 years ago
Actually chrtergib, you were the first one to start something. You did not like the video and said so. If you don't like Somesai's videos you are free not to watch them. You are free not to comment mean comments about its suppose to be pandas not people. The title does not say pandas in it at all. You were reading something into this video that there was no promise to give. The explanation was given by a PU administrator so there is no reason to go check with anyone. This was a demonstration of using an awesome camera gift that was given to Somesai and of the layout of the enclosure of the pandas. Simple as that. If you do not enjoy the video there are other places that you may enjoy more. It is easy to move on and not spoil the enjoyment of others.
By Meowkitkat 8 years ago
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