Dustin Rhodes vs. Blacktop Bully-King of The Road Match


by TSteck160

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I wonder if the full version with all the blood is available anywhere.
By David Dickson 5 years ago
Neither of those gimmicks were meant to be headlining any PPV's, just a midcard gimmick nothing more.
By Stinger1981 6 years ago
Sure wrestling is all about gimmicks...you'd prefer a gimmick that you can make a little bit of coin over. I doubt people would've been interested in seeing Hole In One Barry Darsow. That's in that TL Hopper range.
By Greg Bismark 6 years ago
I dunno, seems to have fun doing those gimmicks as most wrestling is about having a gimmick of some sort.
By Stinger1981 6 years ago
Man between Repo Man, Blacktop Bully and the Hole in One gimmick Barry Darsow must have nightmares.
By Greg Bismark 6 years ago
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