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    Rolling coverage of current situation in Gaza - 09:30 GMT


    by PressTV

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    We need to boycott Israel and its products. A bar code that starts with 729 identifies products made in Israel. It is also important to tell your local and state representatives to stop sending billions of dollars and military equipment that is being used for genocide. That money is needed at home and can be used fro more productive purposes. The reason for this genocide is simply greed. There is oil and gas under Palestine that belong to Palestinians. Israel wants these resources and is definitely creating false flags to get rid of the Palestinians for good. It is really a carnage against defenseless people. We know Israeli claims against Palestinian rockets is false because when the FAA in US decided to suspend flights to Israel, NY mayor Bloomberg traveled to Israel to show how safe it was to be there. So Israelis are being caught in their own lies by claiming victimization yet telling the world how safe they are in Israel.
    By SoleilleLast year
    The David Icke Videocast: Gaza and the Psychopathic Mind
    By SoleilleLast year