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    Gion Matsuri in Kyoto 2014_ Saki-Matsuri (前祭)!


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    Last Thursday, July 17th, I braced the summer heat, got up early and was hoping for a good spot to witness the Saki-Matsuri. Although it wasn’t so hot, it was cloudy, temperatures hit 34 degrees Celsius (93+ Fahrenheit). It was so crowded, it's actually quiet a feat for the Gion Matsuri committee to pull of, hats of to them.
    This year the parade is divided into two parts, the Saki Matsuri on the 17th and the Ato-Matsuri on the 24th of July. Featured here are Naginata Hoko (長刀鉾), Moso Yama (孟宗山), Kanko Hoko,函谷鉾, Yamabushi Yama (山伏山), Ayagasa Hoko (綾傘鉾), Hakuga Yama (伯牙山), Kikusui Hoko (菊水鉾), Taishi Yama (太子山), Arare Tenjinyama (天神山), Abura Tenjinyama (油天神山), Niwatori Hoko (鶏鉾), Tokusa Yama (木賊山), Toro Yama (蟷螂山) and Tsuki Hoko (月鉾), Hakurakuten Yama (白楽天山), Hosho Yama (保昌山), Kakkyo Yama (郭巨山), Hoka Hoko (放下鉾), Iwato Yama (岩戸山) and Fune Hoko (船鉾).
    It’s a bit long at nearly 22 minutes, the good news is, it's the entire parade. Happy viewing if you didn’t have a chance to visit Kyoto during this exciting month of July!