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    The Quitters - "Hipster" SquidHat Records


    by BlankTV

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    The Quitters - "Hipster" SquidHat Records - A BlankTV Premiere!

    Artist city, country: Las Vegas, Nevada, U.S.A.

    Artist Biography: Hailing from Las Vegas, NV, The Quitters, featuring Marc (lead Vocals/bass), Micah (drums/vocals), Tommy (lead guitar/vocals) and Randy (guitar/vocals) met in their high school Jazz band and played their first show on July 20th, 2004

    The Quitters play progressive, aggressive, obnoxious punk rock filtered through rock, jazz and Latin influences and sustained by a relentless hardcore punk energy.

    Director Name: Ryan Reason
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    About The Video: The Quitters say that "Hipster" practically wrote itself.

    "Our drummer Micah wrote the song to poke fun at our generation's culture, which we also contribute to with our use of smart phones and questionable fashion sense.

    Having your head buried in a phone can take you out of the social interaction that is missing in so many public places like concerts and bars these days. Furthermore, the fashion of being a Hipster is so subjective that anyone can be a Hipster, but nobody will admit to it.

    "Hipster" is a departure musically from what we normally play, but it still represents our core band philosophy, which is to just have fun playing and don't take anything to seriously, especially yourself! Everyone feels at one point like they might not belong. However there is a community for everyone. Just go for a walk downtown and see what you'll find!

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    Label Name: SquidHat Records
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    Song Lyrics: I wanna be a hipster, but I'm just not that hip
    You've got to be quirkier to fit into this clique
    My glasses are prescription, they are not ironic
    My t-shirts aren't that witty, I just wear them 'cuz they fit

    Oh me, oh my; I'll never be a hipster

    My music taste is boring, all my favorite bands are known
    I'd rather stay inside the house than go out to a show
    No American Spirits, yeah, I don't even smoke
    When I hang with the hipsters, fun at me they poke

    Oh me, oh my; I'll never be a hipster

    I wanna be a hipster but there is just no way
    That I could be that cynical every single day
    There are too many ideals that I'd have to obey
    In order to be part of the cliche

    Oh me, oh my; I'll never be a hipster

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