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    Corvus Stone - "Scandinavians in Mexico" Melodic Revolution Records


    by BlankTV

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    Corvus Stone - "Scandinavians in Mexico" Melodic Revolution Records - Official Music Video

    Artist city, country: London, England, UK

    Artist Biography: Who are Corvus Stone?

    PASI KOIVU - is a composer and keyboard player. Founder member of Corvus Stone. He also has his Psychedelic Eye solo project. Pasi is the archivist for BLACK WIDOW and has been a great encouragement and help to them.
    They recently released their first new album in 40 years!

    PETRI LEMMY LINDSTRÖM - is a multi instrumentalist and composer. A true virtuoso on bass. Founder member of Corvus Stone. He is a member of Saturn Twilight, Progeland & various other projects.

    COLIN TENCH - plays guitars and takes the job of arranging and producing the music for Corvus Stone. Founder member of Corvus Stone.
    Colin is also a member of BunChakeze, Colin Tench Project, Andy John Bradford's Oceans 5 & The Minstrel's Ghost (with Blake Carpenter and Zoltan Csörsz Jr ).

    ROBERT WOLFF - has been an exceptional drummer his whole life & has covered many genres. He joined Corvus Stone half way through the recording of album one He is most proud of his early bands Micah and Raven in the 70s, as they were both groundbreaking and exceptional.
    Micah & Raven albums were finally released in 2012
    SONIA MOTA - All the artwork and now video work for Corvus Stone and other associated bands is created by Sonia. NOTE: No photoshop is ever used. This work takes months!
    We love many forms of music and are a band comprised of individuals all with their own unique styles and approaches. You want predictability & an obvious theme on an album, you will not find it here(Or will you?). If you would like to listen to a radio station like the ones that existed in the good old days.. Anything and everything, then we can help! We really do mix it up.
    If you want to like what you hear in the first 30 seconds, again... look elsewhere but if you want music to grow on you as you get to know it, we guarantee that our music does exactly that.
    There is melodic content 100% of the time in everything we do. Sometimes there is singing, sometimes not.
    Album one has received some incredible reviews.. Corvus Stone on Progarchives
    Please feel free to listen to the whole album before you buy it and review it yourself!
    The only complaint we get is that it was too long. WTF? Grab a copy Corvus Stone and you can have this new single right now as a digital download. That will make it even longer!
    The new album is well underway and this single release is for fun and to introduce new people to what we do. Is PURPLE STONE a tribute? I guess everything we do is affected by all we have heard over many years, so if this one sounds like the Bee Gees, the next track on the album could sound like Emerson Lake and Bieber. So you have been warned!!!
    Our rules are simple.
    We don't try to sound like anyone.
    We don't try to NOT sound like anyone
    We don't try to be different
    We don't try to fit any mould & we will never do what reviewers suggest we do
    We enjoy and put a lot of thought into every second of everything we do.

    Director Name: Colin Tench
    Producer Name: Sonia Mota

    About The Video: Sonia Mota did this frame by frame. NO automation or Photoshop etc. Done the old way and all the better for it!

    Artist Website:

    Label Name: Melodic Revolution Records
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