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    Unbreakable - "Rock the Nightlife" Dark Star Records


    by BlankTV

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    Unbreakable - "Rock the Nightlife" Dark Star Records

    Artist city, country: Hessen, Germany

    Artist Biography: "They could be the next SCORPIONS! That is what I think and feel. America…get ready for Unbreakable!" Comparing an up-and-coming band to one of the most successful hard rock/heavy metal acts of all time should not be taken lightly. But when the quote is attributed to none other than former Scorpions drummer Herman Rarebell (who provided the beat on countless '80s rock classics - "No One Like You," "Rock You Like A Hurricane," "Big City Nights," etc.), you most certainly have to take it seriously. And Rarebell knows first hand about the talent and power of Unbreakable, as he served as the producer of the German band's new album, 'Knockout.'

    Comprised of Al Crespo (vocals), Martin Ries (guitar), Pascal Alles (guitar), Lukas Mittler (bass), and Alex Ries (drums), Unbreakable combines colorful melodies with the spicy hard rock riffs. This is all imprinted in their latest recording, 'Knockout.' – the guys bring an explosive new sound inspired in the good old rock classics.. As the band explains, "Unbreakable is a philosophy. Five friends have the same vision, to play live in front of their fans and making music together. And this philosophy, passion and music is Unbreakable."

    Director Name: Oliver Sommer AVA Studios GmbH, Germany
    Producer Name: Oliver Sommer AVA Studios GmbH, Germany

    About The Video: It rocks really hard & the siren in the video is smokin'

    Artist Website:

    Label Name: Dark Star Records
    Label Website:

    Song Lyrics: A filthy look a dirty place
    But here she was with a pretty face
    I asked her name but she just said
    Don’t put me in shame I’m a little afraid
    We started to dance rocked skin on skin
    A couple of drinks we were ready to sin
    I could feel her body I could feel the heat
    I had dirty thoughts when we moved to the beat

    Rock the nightlife crazy nightlife
    I can’t remember how long it went on
    Rock the nightlife crazy nightlife
    And let yourself go

    I took her back to my home you see
    opened the door she was all over me
    Screaming loud when I went inside
    A rollercoaster journey of pure delight

    She moved like a tiger scratching my back
    She got me real closed to a heart attack
    Her senses on fire begging for more
    Ready to go back for the next score

    Rock the nightlife crazy Nightlife
    I can’t remember how long it went on
    Rock the nightlife crazy nightlife
    And let yourself go

    Party like there's no tomorrow

    Herman: Well honey you`re real hot
    Yeah you got me going all night
    Can’t believe what you done to me
    Hey come on over honey
    It’s time that you move your ass

    Yeah it feels so good


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