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    Miracle AC-AN by NONO - Card Mentalism Magic Trick

    World Of Magic

    by World Of Magic

    Miracle AC-AN by NONO is now available at

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    NONO, a great Taiwanese magician, has released a DVD of his amazing stunts in 2011 (only available in Taiwan). He spent 2.5 years to create this magic. As a talented practical magician, he owns a private bar, interacts with lots of customers everyday, knows the tricks of entertainment, and specializes in Mentalism Magic.

    The magician writes down some cards as predictions, after that, invites a (first) spectator to pick one, and (invites the second spectator) to choose a number between 1 and 52. Begin with a full deck on a table. Let the spectator takes cards out of the card case. The Magician then reveals his first prediction. It turns out magician have already known where the chosen card is and have written it down. The spectator and the magician may now shuffle the cards. Once again, the magician reveals another prediction. The spectator may now deal the cards one by one. As the magician predicted, the card's location matches the number picked by the spectator.

    One normal deck (52 cards, no jokers).
    Spectator may take cards out of the card case.
    Spectator may shuffle the cards.
    Spectator may deal all the time.
    Everything is examinable.

    Language: Chinese
    Subtitle: English, Chinese, Japanese

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