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    Gaza conflict: Israel calls up 16,000 reservists

    euronews (in English)

    by euronews (in English)

    A layer of dust covers the collapsed remains of houses in Gaza following another night of Israeli airstrikes.

    As Palestinians picked up the pieces, Israel has called up 16,000 reservists to bolster its military effort in Gaza.

    Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has said his country is “determined to complete” its mission, “with or without a ceasefire.” He said he would rule out any proposal that prevented Israel destroying infiltration tunnels dug by Hamas militants trying to infiltrate Israeli soil. Israel’s military says it believes it requires several more days to complete this mission.

    Wednesday marked one of the deadliest days in the conflict so far, with more than 100 Palestinians losing their lives, bringing the death toll up to 1,360, while Israel counts 56 soldiers and three civilians killed.

    The President of the Palestinian Authority said that the coastal enclave could now be considered an area of humanitarian disaster.

    Israel has sent a delegation to Egypt with the aim of negotiating a ceasefire, however, the security cabinet secretary said squarely that a truce was not on the cards.

    In the absence of any agreement to lay down arms, the Israeli soldiers are focusing on taking out the remaining tunnels used by Hamas militants to access Israel for surprise attacks.