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    How to talk about Gaza war between Israel and Hamas, without being a D**K

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    Since some people appear to be unable to discuss Israel’s current war with Hamas without frothing at the mouth and sounding like a screaming mob of pitchfork wielding rabble, we’re going to school you kids on how to act civilized.
    We present, NMA’s “How to talk about Gaza without being a dick”.

    When discussing the war in Gaza, listen to what other people have to say before you reply. Don’t use “Straw Man” arguments and don’t violate Godwin’s Law.

    For example, if somebody said “Hundreds of rockets were fired from Gaza in July before this year’s Israeli attack.” That’s a valid point, and its objectively true. There’s some context to be desired, but we’re just getting started, mmkay? Keep your pants on.

    If somebody says “You support Gaza, which is ruled by Hamas?! That makes you a terrorist!” The situation isn’t that black-or-white, and that’s a real dick move!

    If you said “Not everybody in Gaza is a Hamas fighter, but civilians are suffering the most casualties!” that too is a valid point. It should be possible to agree that blowing up kids is a bad thing, can we agree on that?
    On the other hand, if somebody says “Israelis are victims of rockets too! Should they apologize to Hamas for having superior airpower?” that too is a valid point. Hamas doesn’t seem to stop firing rockets in response to harsh language.

    Expanding the discussion, if you want to talk tactics, you could recall “In the 40’s, when Palestine was occupied by the British Empire, future Israeli Prime Minister, Menachem Begin, used terror to fight for Israeli independence when he bombed the King David Hotel, killing British, Jews, and Arabs alike.” Valid point, and very grisly.
    “Then what is Hamas trying to get? Israel ended its occupation of Gaza and removed Jewish settlements there in 2005. Did it bring peace?” Definitely not, and a valid point.
    “But when the occupation ended the blockade of Gaza by Israel and Egypt began. Now even water is a scarcity in Gaza.” Blockading water? That’s a dick move. Uh oh, did we break our own rule?

    So remember, kids. Do talk about the war in Gaza, just don’t be dicks about it.


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