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    Israeli attacks on Gaza intensify as both sides discuss potential truce

    euronews (in English)

    by euronews (in English)

    On day 23 of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the Israeli media retracted reports of a possible ceasefire with Hamas – the militant group controlling Gaza – despite ongoing talks between both sides.

    The news came as the Israeli military stepped up its campaign in Gaza.

    At least 100 Palestinians were killed in attacks on July 29, according to local health officials.

    They say air strikes and tank shelling on four homes accounted for 26 of the deaths, which would take the number of Palestinian casualties in the three-week conflict to 1,190.

    Following a lull in fighting the weekend before, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced on July 28 that Israel was facing “a lengthy campaign”.

    The air strikes came in response to Hamas fighters entering Israel through a tunnel from Gaza. A gun fight ensued killing five of the state’s soldiers.

    Fifty three Israeli soldiers and three civilians have lost their lives since the fighting began. Israeli officials say the number could have been much higher if the state didn’t have the Iron Dome anti-missile defence system.