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    Children die in missile strike on a Gaza park

    euronews (in English)

    by euronews (in English)

    Five Palestinians were reported killed late Monday night in the Gaza town of Kahn Yunis.

    It brought an end to a day in which children found themselves on the front line in the three week long conflict.

    Earlier a missile strike hit a park in the Shati refugee camp where youngsters had been playing, killing at least 10 Palestinians – eight of them children.

    Israel denied involvement saying Hamas rockets must have misfired.

    The children died instantly and scores more were injured according to eyewitness Nidal Aljerbi,

    “There were at least seven children playing. They were hit and died on the spot. Another three men were sat over there, they were also hit. The children were playing and were happy, enjoying festival of Eid, and they got hit.”

    The strike on the park occurred a few minutes after Palestinian officials said another missile hit the compound of the Shifa hospital, the main medical centre in Gaza. Several more people were wounded.