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    The Debate – Israeli War on Gaza (P.2)


    by PressTV

    Day 21 of Israel’s war on Gaza and Palestinians had only one piece of positive news: a fragile truce. The 12 hour ceasefire was broken Sunday as both sides resumed their rocket fire. A turnaround a few hours later, when Hamas announced a ceasefire, rejecting the previous one which expired, but accepting a new one as presented by Robert H. Serry United Nations Special Coordinator for the Middle East Peace Process. This truce also proved tenuous as the two sides exchanged fire. On Monday, as this program is aired, the death toll reached 1055 and counting.
    The most recent truce has had different names: a rolling ceasefire, named by the US, or an unofficial lull, or unconditional ceasefire. Confused? Stay tuned to this edition of the debate, in which we’ll discuss the different players involved in bringing about a permanent ceasefire, not like the previous ones, which didn’t involve the lifting of the siege. We’ll also discuss whether this war will give rise to a third intifada, which may damage PM Netanyahu’s political career, as protests across the occupied West Bank have flared up in solidarity with Palestinians in Gaza.