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    Vlog By Mini and XOLO.TV


    door GabeMac

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    The Mini experience is the main attraction in hall 5 at the AMI (Auto Motor International) in Leipzig, Germany this April. The newest mini lifestyle fashion-and accessory trends, the latest programs of the MINI driver training and MINI CHALLENGE racing series, these are only a few examples of what we can find at the Leipzig convention.

    The motto at the AMI is “Meet Mini”. And who better for MINI to send than XOLO.TV VLOG hosts Gabe McIntyre & Gabe Bauer. Gabe and Gabe will be there to do “Meet Mini” for a VLOGFEST.
    Together with big shot German Blogger Thomas Gigold to show them around and take part in the action, they will be producing 2 – 3 clips a day from Saturday 1st till Thursday 6th of April. So go and check out and stay connected, cause you never know what may happen.

    Cause lets face it…

    Sending Gabe & Gabe to a German auto convention…

    With the freedom to vloggin’ vlog what ever they want…

    Could be vloggin’ interesting.