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    BMW ActiveHybrid 7 Launched In India !

    Indian Drives

    by Indian Drives

    As seen, BMW is keen on bring in most variants of 7-Series in India. Recently, the launch of ActiveHybrid 7 remains one such example.
    The full-size saloon of BMW now went hybrid with the ActiveHybrid 7. And desperately, this is the BMW’s first hybrid car in the country which may pave way for the supercar i8.
    Hopefully, only petrol variant is rolled out for a price of one crore thirty five lakh Rupees. In fact, the ActiveHybrid 7 delivers a mere hike of fuel economy over the standard version for the sake of its hybridized tag!
    Other magnificent importance about this saloon is, owners can keep the AC on while the engine is killed off. It’s because the AC is connected to electric motor, which means no fuel-consumption for the AC.
    The BMW 7-Series ActiveHybrid is veered for those riches who at least thinks little about sustaining eco-system when on drive.
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