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    Israel confirms death of 2 more soldiers, Hamas claims 90 Israeli soldiers killed so far


    by PressTV


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    Moiz Farooq
    now where the hell are the human rights committees of the world when thousands of muslims are killed by israeli air strikes and ground attacks,,,in case of iraq and afghanistan america jumped like a dog only for killing muslim in the name of human rights policies,,,american policies are piece of shit and only for killing muslims,,,,israel needs to be fucked and they deserve that,,,Well job done by hamaas by killing those mother fucking israelis (zionist) and sending them straight to hell,,,,israeli president is son of a bitch,,,i would like to kill those israelis by my hand too,,,motherfuckers,,,,go hamaas go Allah is with you,,,they can destroy the city but not the tunnels (above 3000)
    By Moiz FarooqLast year