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    estimated 100 Brits fighting for Israel


    by PressTV

    As Israel’s onslaught on Gaza enter its third week, report say that the military forces committing massacre include increasing numbers of non-Israeli Jew. They include many Brits, who have joined Israeli’s army, under a program called the Mahal, which targets young non-Israeli Jews, men younger than 24 and women younger than 21.
    According to some estimates there are as many as 100 British Jews fighting for Israeli forces currently, many of them coming from neighborhoods such as this one; the predominantly Jewish Golders Green in London. While much has been said about the very real danger posed by British people travelling to Syria and Iraq to fight for Takfiri groups like ISIL, there are also fears that the experiences of British Jews fighting for Israel could make them a danger to others in society upon their return. British law currently doesn’t consider fighting for a national army to be a crime, but does prosecute for murder, regardless of where it took place in the world. As such the potential for prosecutions is there. Many doubt, however, whether the will to prosecute also exists.