Iraq MPs elect Fouad Massoum as president


by PressTV

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The Iraqi parliament held a session on Thursday to elect the new president. There were 4 MPs running for the post, Fouad Masum , Hanan Fatlawi, Faek Hassan and Hussein Moussawi.Fouad Masum, a founding member of Mr Talabani's Patriotic Union of Kurdistan party.
The veteran Kurdish politician was elected with 211 votes out of the 269 ballots in parliament session. Masum managed to win the majority in the second round of voting. He was the first prime minister of the semi-autonomous Iraqi Kurdistan region more than two decades ago. Iraq is now facing an insurgency by Takfiri militants of ISIL and is struggling to agree on a new coalition government. Iraqi politicians have been at loggerheads over the issue since an election in April. The president will now have 15 days to nominate a prime minister. Since 2003, the Iraqi president is a Kurd, the parliamentary speaker drawn from the Sunni Arab bloc and the prime minister is a member of the Shia majority. Electing a president is considered a very important step in the Iraqi political process, and shows that Iraqi political parties have put aside their political differences and stood united once again.