Talha Ahsan to be released from US supermax prison

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by PressTV

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For the family of Talha Ahsan - the last 8 years have been a living nightmare.In 2006 he was arrested. Kept in prison without charge or trial for 6 years and was controversially extradited by the UK government to the United States in 2011. Talha – who is now 34 years old - has Aspergers syndrome.
Yet he’s spent the last 20 months in a supermax prison. It’s where U-S authorities wanted him to die.But last week, a judge gave Talha a time served sentence. Which means he’s now getting ready to come back home. Talha’s brother Hamja has been the driving force behind the campaign to secure his release. He went to America for the verdict, and visited Talha at the supermax, death row prison, he describes as a concrete tomb of hell. Talha was in indefinite solitary confinement there.On his parents face the relief that he’s no longer there is visible. The hope to see their son soon is clear. But so is the pain, and concern, about what their child has been put through. he has also changed because I've seen this photograph so though he is very strong but mentally it'll be a change and within eight years he's had a lot of spotting so that makes me sad because he was such a beautiful and lovely child so inshallah we can move forward but 8 years in a different environment it will take time and that we understand. for the Ahsan family, nothing can take back the ordeal of the last 8 years. But at least now they know it's coming to an end. that soon - talha will be walking through these doors again - and coming back home.