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    All Dinosaurs May Have Had Feathers

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    A Siberian discovery has some experts thinking that all dinosaurs may have been covered in feathers.

    Scientists have made some remarkable discoveries about dinosaurs, but there’s still so much that remains unknown.

    According to one recent finding, that would include what dinos really looked like.
    A Siberian discovery has some experts thinking that we’ve had the wrong big, scaly picture all this time. They say that the prehistoric rulers of the Earth may have been covered in feathers.

    Sure, there have been lots of feathery creatures identified in the past, but they all had one thing in common – they were carnivores.

    This new specimen was determined to be an herbivore.

    That means that it developed its feathers independent of the others and along a completely different evolutionary path.

    It also opens the door for the possibility that sporting some subtle fluff was a regular thing, possibly one that resulted from an adaptation to colder weather.

    The Siberian skeleton is relatively small, measuring less than 10 feet in length. Researchers admit that the growth of a downy coat for warmth could be a characteristic primarily among smaller species.

    That they’ve not often been found before could be a matter of decomposition over time. In this case, the final resting place of the incomplete skeletons was likely the bottom of a river bed covered by protective sediment.