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    McDonald's stops nugget sales in Hong Kong following food scare

    euronews (in English)

    by euronews (in English)

    Fast food giant McDonald’s has suspended sales of chicken nuggets
    and other products in Hong Kong.

    It was taken off the menu after the restaurant chain said it had imported meat from Shanghai Husi food, a firm at the centre of a food safety scandal in China.

    Politicians in Hong Kong have criticised the response to the scare.

    Hong Kong Legislative Council Member, Dr Helena Wong said: “As an international city, Hong Kong’s Centre for Food Safety has been slow in dealing with the crisis and we need to improve our system of food safety regulations.”

    McDonald’s has also removed nuggets supplied by Shanghai Husi Food from nearly 500 stores in Japan.

    The scandal broke after a recent TV report showed staff at US owned firm using expired meat and picking up food from the floor to put back into the mix.