2015 Ford F-150 Engines, 2015 Chevy SS gets Manual, Tesla Model S on the Ring - Fast Lane Daily

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Fords new F-150 has a bunch of engines that will give the competition quite the run for their money! The Tesla Model S finally takes on the Nurburgring although it wasn?t too impressive, the 2015 Chevy SS gets a manual option (among other things), and Audi is so over CVT transmissions. Plus, we have YOUR FLD Question of the Day! That and the usual shenanigans today on Fast Lane Daily, hosted by Derek D!

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The constant high load of track conditions probably weirded out the computer and it didn't know how to handle the onset rate of power drain and forced it to go into a power saving mode. Full throttle on electric motors is very taxing on the battery.  I'm sure a software upgrade that included a track conditions monitor or track mode would probably remedy that issue. The only limitation being the size of the battery which would directly related to the length of track time you could run. As long as the battery's power output (voltage/amperage) is the same it shouldn't matter which model.
By Ridequick July