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    by BalconyTV

    THE DEAD LOVERS performs the song "THE STORM" for BalconyTV.
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    In a world increasingly dependent on plastic boy bands and talent show survivors, if The Dead Lovers didn't exist, somebody would have to invent them.

    Their sound is retro, sexy and utterly provocative. It steals from the 50s, the 60s and the 70s in equal measures, but always remains extremely fresh and viciously irresistible.

    The Dead Lovers are a small collective of musicians fronted by Lula and Wayne Jackson.

    Wayne’s first band The Dostoyevskys achieved cult status in the mid 90s with their enigmatic live shows, before they split and he released two solo albums and he co-wrote and sang
    “The Other Side” with Paul Van Dyk which was a global hit. In between he found time to co-produce Bela B.'s first two solo albums and played in Bela's live band Los Helmstedt.

    Lula's track record is no less impressive or varied; featuring stints as a singer, a songwriter, a photographer and more recently a TV presenter. It was unavoidable that sooner or letter they
    would sling their creative hooks together. They continue the tradition of legendary musical raconteurs like Lee Hazlewood; and not just because they actually produced a song with the great man and not just because Lula was the
    last person to sing a duet with him shortly before his untimely death.

    In 2013, they followed their love of vintage sounds to it's natural conclusion and relocated to the incredible Lost Ark studios in San Diego where they recorded their debut album together with production genius and all around music ace
    Mike Butler. For several weeks they immersed themselves in this amazingly creative environment; using a huge stack of freakishly rare and cool amps, guitars and effects from the 50s and 60s. You can taste these classic
    flavours in their soon to be released debut album "Supernormal Superstar". With their mixture of Glam Rock beats, seductive fuzz guitar riffs and infectious melodies; their songs
    unwind like some kind of fresh antidote to rampant "talent show" commercialism.

    "Supernormal Superstar" is an album you'd choose to be your backing track for a long drive through the desert in '67 Ford Mustang.

    Despite their highgrade retro Americans sounds, The Dead Lovers do not hail from the land of the free. Wayne is a life long Manchester City fan, born a short distance from their stadium
    and Lula is a Bavarian girl from the mountains. Whoever is old enough to remember their first Velvet Underground experience or believes in the reincarnation of Amy Winehouse, this album is for you.

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