My son says "Goodbye" to our dog at the vet.



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BaoBao just finished doing a 1500km tour on my scooter....only to fall off unexpectedly and for no reason when I was buying lunch and while I was doing walking speed through an intersection. There was only one other vehicle anywhere near me....and its rear tire went over BaoBao's back crippling her and smashing her pelvis. She would have needed extensive surgery and with no guarantee of being able to walk ever again. She had just had an amazingly fun week....and with her hearing, sight, bladder control.....all already diminished greatly....I thought it best to not put her through the pain of surgeries and physical therapy....etc. Especially considering the average lifespan for a dog is about 14 years and she was almost 17. Over the next year or two she would have aged/worsened a lot. So I made the call to put her down while she was still "herself" and not in too much pain.

And to the idiots that say she shouldn't have been riding with me in the first place.....she's done over 200,000km with me on scooters. That was her was what she lived for. She died doing what she loved. And that's the most that anyone can ask for.