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    Violent Call of Duty Black Ops II made Panama dictator sue Activision for using his image

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    What happens when you give a violent video game to a Central American dictator? He gets cranky! Especially when that video game is glorified body-count generator, Call of Duty, and the dictator doing time in a Panama prison with nothing else to play.

    Call of Duty is the highest earning video game franchise on Earth. It features a massive arsenal of firepower with which to shoot foreigners in hallways, but now one of those foreigners is upset with his portrayal in the shoot-em-up.

    Manuel Noriega, the former dictator of Panama and CIA stooge, is offended by his portrayal in 2012's billion dollar hit, Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, which he complains portrays him as a murderous villain. So now he's suing the game's creator, Activision.

    Noriega must have a rosy memory of the 80's, when he gained power in Panama with the help of CIA drug money and a Reagan White House with a hard-on for Central America. You see, Noriega killed his predecessor, Omar Torrijos, who also overthrew his predecessor once the US had tired of him. Noriega enjoyed 10 years of coke, whores, and CIA cash, but the CIA is a fickle lady.

    Noriega's coke party ended in 1989 and he was toppled by a Bush White House with a hard on for invading former allies. Noriega's panama

    Still, if Manuel Noriega successfully sues Activision for using his image, imagine how many other historical figures will decide they're entitled to a piece of the video game pie! I hear Generalissimo Angry Bird has already called his attorney.


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