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    Huge anti-Israel protest held in Paris


    by PressTV

    As the number of civilian deaths continues to rise by the hour and children being the worst affected, public anger in France against Israel has brought dozens of civil society groups, labour unions, ordinary French and even religious groups to this protest.
    This demonstration was allowed after previous ones which had been banned led to violent clashes between protestors and riot police. This time, participants are loud and clear: they want the Jewish Defense League to be banned. The League is a Zionist group existing legally in France but considered as a terrorist group in the US. These demonstrators also say, Israeli goods of all kinds should be boycotted. Since the start of the attacks in Gaza, France has failed to condemn Israel. But the high turnouts at demonstrators are a sign : public opinion here is totally in support of Palestine. These demonstrators behind me say they will continue to take to the streets of Paris as long as the war in Gaza doesn’t come to an end.