Rand Paul: Republicans Can Only Win if "They Become More Live and Let Live"

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"I think Republicans could only win in general if they become
more live and let live," Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) tells Reason TV at
Lincoln Labs'
Reboot Conference, which was held July 18-20 in San
Francisco.Paul sat down with Nick Gillespie to talk about the future of
the GOP, the need to reach the 80-million-strong Millennial
Generation, why having a strong national defense doesn't mean
constant military interventions, and what Washington, D.C. can
learn from the entrepreneurial culture of Silicon Valley.When asked whether he would vote to end the taxpayer-funded
Export-Import Bank, which helps foreign companies buy U.S.
products, is widely seen as a leading example of corporate welfare,
and is coming up for a vote in September, Paul replied:Absolutely. If I’m a Republican and I’m going out and saying,
“We have limited resources and we can’t have everyone on food
stamps,” by golly I need to be a Republican who says “we’re not
giving one penny of corporate welfare.”About 13 minutes. Interview by Nick Gillespie. Edited by Paul Detrick. Shot
by Detrick and Tracy Oppenheimer. Music by Podington Bear and
photos by Elvert
Barnes and thisisbossi.Subscribe to Reason TV's YouTube channel to
receive automatic notification when new videos go live and scroll
down for HD, Flash, MP4, and MP3 versions.Below is a rush transcript of the conversation. All quotes
should be checked against the video.REASON: Hi I’m Nick Gillespie with Reason TV, we’re at the
reboot 2014 Conference and we’re talking with Senator Rand Paul
from Kentucky. Senator, thanks for talking with us.RAND PAUL: Glad to be with you, Nick.REASON: What can the rest of the country learn from Silicon
Valley?PAUL: Y’know I think the amazing thing out here, is the
relentless energy and drive to move forward, and they don’t wait to
say “Hey, how can government fix this, or how can even somebody
else fix it?” They fix it themselves or they find a niche, like
they find taxi cabs have a monopoly and they ask “how are we going
to stop a monopoly?” and they start Uber. So I think it’s just the
amazing ingenuity and amazing that they’re not going to wait for
somebody else to do it.REASON: They’re not even thinking about government, they’re
getting on with their business and then dealing with it
afterwards.PAUL: Right.REASON: What can Silicon Valley learn from other parts of
the country?
Video provided by Reason TV
Producer : Reason TV