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    Renault - Dacia Duster 6x6 Pickup Truck - Dustruck | Check Out

    Indian Drives

    by Indian Drives

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    Probably everyone will say YES, but furthermore -- no one may have ever imagined a Dacia Duster on six-wheels like that of the beasty Benz.
    Here to realize a one's fantasy, the Dacia is said to have a built a Duster based 6 by 6 Pickup Truck at Titu Technical Center in Mioveni!
    Known as Dustruck the, Duster based monster is snapped inside the technical center which apparently has a V8, a 1.5-liter dCi- or 1.2-liter TCe under hoods. Yet, no one had seen it moving, so no affirm gestation to be lent out.
    Well, after building 1,000,000 Dusters since four years after the launch, this Dastruck seems to be the next level, that automaker wants to achieve something big in the coming years.
    One can feed the comments box below what they think after seeing this invention from Dacia...