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    Flight MH17 victims' remains to be flown to the Netherlands but many bodies are still missing

    euronews (in English)

    by euronews (in English)

    As the Netherlands prepares to receive the first remains of victims from the downing of a Malaysian airliner, accident experts are complaining over the progress of the investigation.

    In the Ukrainian government controlled city of Kharkiv, Dutch forensic scientists say they have counted just 200 bodies in the secure holding area in the city – that means 98 bodies are still missing.

    “There were more people on the plane, there are more remains to be found and we are not in a position to put all the remains together [for each individual person] What we are sure of is we have 200,” said Yan Tuinder, the head of the Dutch expert mission

    At the crash site in eastern Ukraine, observers say the priority is to make sure all bodies are accounted for but after that it is to investigate the disaster. But due to what they say is evidence tampering, that won’t be easy.

    OSCE spokesperson Michael Bociurkivv explained one of the problems:

    “You know its impossible to say, but for example today at the side of the road there was some human remains in a small plastic bag that hadn’t been picked up.”

    Reporting for euronews from Kharkiv is Maria Korenyuk:

    “The first plane with 50 victims’ bodies will leave Ukraine today. The rest of the bodies will be transported to the Netherlands before this weekend.”

    Once they’ve arrived in Eindhoven the remains will then be taken to the military barracks in Hilversum for identification.