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    Dutch mourners march through Rotterdam in silent tribute to flight MH17 victims

    euronews (in English)

    by euronews (in English)

    Hundreds of mourners walked through the pouring rain in the Dutch city of Rotterdam to commemorate some of the passengers killed in the downing of the Malaysia airlines jet.

    Their deaths have triggered a wave of anger and grief which has swept through the country.

    Local resident Aad Timmerman said he was angry because what happened was defenceless:

    “The civil aviation is not a party to any conflict, these people were not involved….. It’s so sad.”

    The obvious distress felt by many later lead King Willem-Alexander call on the Dutch people to support each other.

    “This horrible tragedy has left a deep wound in our society. The scar will stay visible and noticeable for years to come. When things are at their worst, inner strength, compassion and solidarity are most important,” said King Willem-Alexander in a televised address.

    Dutch prosecutors have opened their own investigation into the crash on suspicion of murder and war crimes. Based on the Law on International Crimes, the Netherlands can prosecute any individual who commits a war crime against a Dutch citizen.

    Of the 298 people who died over Ukraine 193 were Dutch citizens.