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    Muslims in Brazil observe Ramadan & help those in need


    by PressTV

    During the holy month of Ramadan in Brazil as well as in the rest of the world, the Muslims community observe the practice of reflection and abstention from eating during the day, opening their homes and mosques every evening during the Iftar to break their fasting.
    It is also common during Ramadan here in Brazil, that mosques and Islamic centers help the neighbors looking to open a special relationship with the general public to make them understand the teaching of Islam. During this sacred month, Muslims also strengthen their social and family links by greater involvement in charity work and helping one another, collecting food and donations. According to the Brazilian census of 2010, there were over 35,000 Muslims living in the country, primarily concentrated in the states of São Paulo and Parana. The figure shows a nearly 30 percent increase during the past decade. There are ten mosques here in São Paulo. The one that stands out is the Mosque of Brás, which is the biggest Shia mosque in the country. The majority of Muslims in Brazil come to this mosque in the holy month of Ramadan to pray.