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    Death of African-American by police shows war on people of color in US


    by PressTV

    American lawyer Mustafa Ansari says the death of an African-American man by police in New York City shows “excessive police brutality” and it is a “war on people of color” in the United States.

    “This is a war here on people of color and religion,” Ansari, who is dean of the American Institute of Human Rights, told Press TV from Atlanta. “This is a usual tactic.”

    The 43-year-old Eric Garner, a father of six, died on Thursday after police officers pinned him to the ground and held him in a chokehold.

    At least four police officers brought down the man, who was begging cops to let him breathe as he helplessly lied on the ground.

    Police said that Garner died of a heart attack during the arrest.

    Garner’s family is now demanding accountability from the New York Police Department.

    “There is no justice in that situation,” Ansari said on Sunday. “They don’t know how to arrest people humanely.”

    “We had a very disturbing incident in Brooklyn as one of our young men was trying to break up a fight and he was a nice guy young African-American and police confronted him instead of aiding him, so they put him in a chokehold and killed him,” he continued.

    “Many of our police tactics and our police policies are very similar to what is happening to Palestinian people in Palestine.”

    Authorities said on Saturday that Daniel Pantaleo, an eight-year veteran of the New York Police Department, has been stripped of his gun and badge and placed on desk duty over the death.

    Officials said another officer involved in the arrest has been put on administrative duty but has not had to surrender his gun and shield.