Botchamania 254


by Maffew

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More of a letdown than that Sting advert (or rather ''more of a letdown when you people finally see him wrestle''), it's Botchamania 254: AquaMeng!

Thanks To... for the delicious advert and money.
BBC's own Grado for the lovely intro.
Codster9 for the REAL AMERICAN HEROES ending.

Control by Grant Kirkhope (Goldeneye 007)
Gruntilda's Lair by Grant Kirkhope (Banjo-Kazooie)

If you've got the WWE Network, I recommend Unforgiven 1998 for the Inferno Match and Dude Love vs. Austin...and ignore the rest if you know what's good for you.

Also ICW is amazing.


By Daniel Farrelly September
Damn, 255 got taken down pretty quick :(
By John Firth August
what promotion is that at the 3:00 mark? is that Vic Capri?
By Gesusoliver July
easily one of the best endings... ever....
By thevoid99 July
That ending hahahaa
By vids2002 July