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    The new smart fortwo

    Ccm-news Byron

    by Ccm-news Byron

    smart revealed their new smart generations in Berlin. And though the new smart fortwo is clearly a complete new car, it kept its signature length or rather shortness of just 2.69 meters. Additional space was added in making it 10 centimeters wider. More smart but with the same sticker price as the predecessor. Completely new is the smart forfour, offering four seats and ample space.
    Smart -- the market leader in agility, this small vehicle has a feature no other automobile can compete with:
    It can quite literally make pirouettes! What else has been updated -- the engine --- at market launch 1 new engines generating 52kW/71 hp with an automatic start stop system will be offered offered. Additional engines will be added.
    The new generation smart now comes with a five gear manual transmission, or alternatively with a a six gear dual clutch automatic, the so called "Twinamic". So much power in a such a small car, might lead some to doubt its safety. Smart engineers have laid great focus on ensuring their customers can enjoy the highest safety features available --- .
    The Fortwo can even keep up with the big leagues. This was proven in a quite vivid safety test.(Broll S-class vs. Smart); Fun, fast and safe this new generation of smarts, the fortwo, is sure to maneuver its drivers through the demands of urban jungles quite elegantly.