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    Anti-war protest in held in Ukraine’s capital Kiev


    by PressTV

    The family members of the Ukrainian soldiers who are besieged by pro-Russian forces at a border crossing in the Luhansk region gather outside country’s presidential building. They express their opposition against the deployment of their loved ones to the southeast of the county. The besieged soldiers keep in touch with their relatives via phone. They complain about the lack of ammunition, fuel and food. Vadim has just arrived from the conflict zone. He as well as many other soldiers criticized neglectful orders of the military commanders.Some military analysts believe what the pro-government forces are suffering from is the country’s bureaucracy. Expert also said that the bad logistics and absence of a clear plan for the military campaign against pro-Russian fighters can extend the conflict in the eastern Ukraine for years. Kiev's central square still bears the marks of the uprising which shifted the power in the country over 6 months ago. Observers say that if the mismanagement of troops continues, the next revolution in Ukraine might be made by outraged soldiers who are return from the fronts.