Iraqis live normal life under shadow of terrorism


by PressTV

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Life goes on; this is how Iraqis express their situation. Walking around in the Capital Baghdad you never notice that it is one of the most dangerous cities in the world. People here live normally, they go to their daily jobs, kids go to school, and they even exercise their daily social life. Iraqi people know that the terrorist attacks are brought from abroad, and that what is happening in the country is orchestrated by foreign countries, and is nothing but a scheme against the country and a plan which aims at creating sedition. It is maybe this knowledge or wisdom that makes them stand tall. For the past decade, Iraq has been suffering a continuous deadly crisis. Yet instead of leaving their country, they decided to volunteer to fight against militants. The country here is a combination of cultures and different religions and backgrounds. They say before these attacks and particularly before 2003, Muslims were living along with Christians who lived along with Kurds, and other members of the Iraqi society. Iraqis here live together in peace. They suffer from terrorism and stand united against it. They have no doubt that the current unrest is a plot aiming at dividing their country and creating sedition among them.