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    Port workers strike in Argentina threatens national economy


    by PressTV

    Argentina’s main exports are halted due to a strike by port workers and grain inspectors. Unions say export companies are not meeting the bargain agreements signed months ago, and also demand salary increases and better working conditions.
    Port workers also claim that there is a significant workforce shortage that seriously affects their working conditions while jeopardizing their personal safety. They say new workers are immediately needed. Around 16 export hubs nationwide are affected by the strike, which is being staged right at the end of the soy and corn harvests. The government has demanded that the parties of the row immediately begin negotiatins, as the industrial action may lead to serious consequences for Argentina’s economy. Argentina is one of the biggest grain producers and exporters in the world. Every year, more than 20 billion US dollars' worth of grains and soy products are shipped abroad, and any such disruption of foreign trade by port workers severely hits the country's ailing economy.