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Sayuri Ishikawa is one of Japan's most famous Enka singers of this generation. Enka is like a Western or Country style song of Japanese music. As Sayuri has reached her 35th year in showbiz, I would like to introduce her most famous hit, "Tsugarukaikyou Fuyu Geshiki" This sad winter song resembles the coldest yet lonely part of Japan, Tsugaru Strait.

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я обожаю японскую эстраду особенно исаури ишакву
ユーザー名 RA9MAC 6 年前
surerbe! great!
ユーザー名 okuoku8 7 年前
ユーザー名 alexhcpp 7 年前
great song
ユーザー名 Ayumi 7 年前