Salman Khan Gift A Flat To Asin Too !

Moviez Adda

by Moviez Adda

Salman Khan is known for his generosity especially when it comes to showering his co-stars with lavish and expensive gifts. And the latest one to join the list is none other than his London Dreams co-star Asin.
We wonder if the gesture was a present for Asin's birthday or something more? You know what we mean to say!
The two co-stars have been noticed singing praises for one another. It has been many years since the release of London Dreams and its strange how this has come up again. Salman and Asin are good friends but he has definitely not gifted her a flat. Do you agree?
Asin started her career at an early age. We think she's the proud owner of her investments, and it's unfair to give credit for her hard work to others. Don't you think it's too early to draw any conclusions? Let us wait and watch where this story ends!
And isn't that sweet? What do you think!