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    Paul Levy: Obsessive Exaggeration About Bank Misbehavior



    Paul Levy: Obsessive Exaggeration About Bank Misbehavior
    The Atlantic - View from the Top: The Route to Success with Paul Levy
    In the fifth event in The Atlantic's ongoing View from the Top interview series, Paul Levy joins The Atlantic's Washington Editor-at-Large Steve Clemons for a conversation about his career trajectory and experiences as a leader in the financial industry.

    During the interview, Levy will share insights from his more than 25 years working in private equity. He'll also discuss his career experiences, including his previous roles as CEO of Yves Saint Laurent, Inc. and as a Managing Director at Drexel Burnham Lambert. Levy is currently the Founder and Managing Director of JLL Partners.

    Previous speakers featured in this series include Rockefeller Foundation President Judith Rodin, Citigroup Vice Chairman Peter Orszag, United Talent Agency CEO Jeremy Zimmer, and University of Washington President Michael Young.