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    New Footage: Malaysia Airlines Plane Shot Down In Ukraine

    Barcroft TV

    by Barcroft TV

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    THIS footage shows the horrific aftermath of Malaysian Airline's flight MH17's crash landing in east Ukraine, close to the village of Grabovo. After hearing a loud explosion and seeing the plane hit the ground, a local motorist ground to a halt and filmed what followed on their camera phone. The crashed aircraft, which was carrying 295 passengers, can be seen erupting into a giant fireball, with a plume of dark smoke rising high into the sky. The commercial airliner was reportedly shot down by separatist rebels using surface-to-air missiles during a flight from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur. The cameraman had no idea the plane was a civilian flight and can be heard speculating about why the pilot didn't escape using a parachute. The crash and subsequent explosion scattered debris over an estimated radius of 4km, leaving crash investigators with a complex job on their hands.