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    Naomi Shihab Nye - Hello, Palestine


    by poetictouch

    Naomi Shihab Nye reads her poem Hello, Palestine

    Hello, Palestine
    by Naomi Shihab Nye (1952-)

    In the hours after you died,
    all the pain went out of your face.
    Whole governments relaxed in your jaw line.
    How long had you been away
    from the place you loved best?
    Every minute was too much.
    Each year’s bundle
    of horror stories: more trees chopped,
    homes demolished, people gone crazy.
    You’d turn your face away from the screen.
    At the end you spoke to your own blood
    filtering through a machine:
    We’ll get there again, friend.
    When you died, your long frustration
    zipped its case closed. Everyone in a body
    is chosen for trouble and bliss.
    At least nothing got amputated,
    I said, and the nurses looked quizzical.
    Well, if only you had seen his country.