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    Wanted Greek terrorist arrested after Athens shootout

    euronews (in English)

    by euronews (in English)

    One of Greece’s most wanted terrorists has been apprehended after a dramatic shootout in central Athens.

    On the run since 2012, Nikos Maziotis was injured in the exchange of fire as were two bystanders and a police officer

    Maziotis was confronted by police after reportedly being recognised by police. He was found wearing a wig and sunglasses at the time.

    As leader of the terrorist group Revolutionary Struggle, in 2010 Maziotis was charged over a series of attacks including an assault on the capitals US embassy and a car bomb detonated outside Athens stock exchange.

    He evaded authorities in 2012 and was subsequently tried in absentia last year.

    euronews Correspondent Stamatis Giannisis reported from the scene of the arrest earlier today, noting:

    “with the arrest of one Greece’s most wanted terrorists, police are confident that they have dealt a serious blow to domestic terrorism, which from time to time makes its presence felt in Greek society with methods including bomb attacks and bank robberies.”