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    Argentine activists condemn Israeli atrocities against Palestinians in Gaza


    by PressTV

    The Federation of Palestine Entities, the Committee of Solidarity with Palestine and other social organizations gathered at the Palestinian Embassy in Buenos Aires to raise their voice against the outrageous Israeli attacks on the Gaza strip that have killed many Palestinian civilians including women and children.
    The Committee of Solidarity with Palestine announced demonstrations and launched awareness campaigns in South America to unveil the critical situation in Gaza. Tens of social organizations and politicians either participated in the meeting or sent a support message to the Palestinian people. According to them, this has become a global issue now. A massive rally to the Israeli Embassy is planned for Wednesday, in which all the social organizations, political parties and even representatives of the Jewish Community will demonstrate against Tel Aviv, whilst demanding a strong condemnation and sanctions from Argentina. Dozens of social organizations, diplomats and human rights activists around Latin America have raised their voices in the past week against the cruel suffering Israel is causing on the Palestinian people and called on Tel Aviv to immediately cease its massacre in the Gaza strip. South American people also expressed their outrage in the social networks and regional forums against the irrational bombings that Israel has launched over Palestinian civilians.