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    Annette Hanshaw~1933 Film~Maxwell House Showboat


    by Somerset45

    During the 1930s depression, Cap'n Henry's Maxwell House Showboat took listeners back to happier times in the old south. The show broke new ground for the way it combined fictional characters such as Captain Henry with real life cast characters like Annette Hanshaw. Showboat was the most popular program on radio from 1933-35 and Annette, a regular on the program was America's Sweetheart and the nation's most popular female singer. The show aired nationwide on NBC affiliates Thursday nights at 9PM EST from WEAF in New York. Here, Annette, now age 32, sings "We Just Couldn't Say Goodbye" accompanied by Don Voorhees and the Showboat Orchestra. Annette had previously recorded what was to become her signature song in August 1932 in New York on the Banner(32541) and Perfect (12835A) labels. Her full version from the Perfect 12835A label is uploaded on this channel.