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This was Yanni's first studio release in six years. In collaboration with producer Ric Wake, Yanni showcased vocal artists singing to his classic songs, blending fresh interpretations of vintage Yanni tracks with newly written material.It also introduces the four new vocalists at the center of the project: Leslie Mills, Chloe Lowery, Nathan Pacheco, and Ender Thomas.

Disney Pearl Imprint released Yanni Voices and its Buena Vista Concerts division produced an extensive tour that began in April 2009. The tour kicked off with a special concert filmed Live at The Forum (Mundo Imperial) in Acapulco Mexico. This concert is the subject of a television special that aired in March 2009 on PBS.

Yanni Voces features a collection of Spanish duets with Latin recording artists and the new vocalists of Yanni Voices. Special guest performers included Lucero, Cristian Castro and José José.

The album debuted on Billboard's Top 200 and #1 on the New Age chart. The Spanish version, Yanni Voces, debuted at #2 on Billboard's New Age chart, #5 on the Latin Pop chart, and #13 on the Latin overall chart

Track listing (Target Exclusive Edition)
"Omaggio (Tribute)"
"The Keeper"
"Our Days"
"Never Leave the Sun"
"Before the Night Ends"
"Mas Alla"
"Unico Amore (Enchantment)"
"Vivi Il Tuo Sogno (Almost a Whisper)"
"Set Me Free"
"Kill Me With Your Love"
"Love Take Me" - Bonus
"Mi Todo Eres Tu (Until the Last Moment)"
"Ritual De Amor (Desire)"
"Moments Without Time"
"I'm So" - Bonus
"Nei Tuoi Occhi (In the Mirror)"
"Amare Di Nuovo (Adagio in C Minor)"

Track listing (Spanish Version - Voces)

"Ritual De Amor (Desire)" - Featuring Ender Thomas
"Llama De Amor (The Flame Within)" - Featuring Olga Tañón
"Y Te Vas (Based on the prelude to Keys To Imagination)" - Featuring Andy Vargas
"Ni La Fuerza Del Destino (With An Orchid)" - Featuring Cristian Castro
"Unico Amore (Enchantment)" - Featuring Nathan Pacheco
"No Ha Dejado De Llover (The Rain Must Fall)" - Featuring José Feliciano
"Quedate Conmigo" - Featuring Ender Thomas & Chloe
"Nei Tuoi Occhi (In The Mirror)" - Featuring Nathan Pacheco & Chloe
"Eterno Es Este Amor" - Featuring Lucero
"Volver (Someday)" - Featuring Willy Chirino, Arturo Sandoval & Ender Thomas
"Mi Todo Eres Tu (Until The Last Moment)" - Featuring Ender Thomas & Chloe
"Yanni & Arturo" - Featuring Arturo Sandoval
"Vivire Por Ti (If I could Tell You)" - Featuring Olga Tanon & Nathan Pacheco
"En Silencio (Whispers in the Dark)" - Featuring Ender Thomas
"Que Te Vaya Bien (Farewell)" - Featuring Chloe
"Amare Di Nuovo (Adagio In C minor)" - Featuring Nathan Pacheco
"Volver A Creer (Reflections Of Passion)" - Featuring José José

Leslie Mills
Chloe Lowery
Nathan Pacheco
Ender Thomas

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