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Megadeth - Holy Wars

il y a 12 ans36.7K views

Holy wars reste encore aujourd'hui l'un des meilleurs morceaux du groupe de Dave Mustaine.


Brother will kill brother
Spilling blood across the land
Killing for religion
Something I don’t understand

Fools like me,who cross the sea
And come to foreign lands
Ask the sheep,for their beliefs
Do you kill on god’s command?

A country that’s divided
Surely will not stand
My past erased,no more disgrace
No foolish naive stand

The end is near,it’s crystal clear
Part of the master plan
Don’t look now to israel
It might be your homelands

Holy wars

Upon my podium,as the
Know it all scholar
Down in my seat of judgement
Gavel’s bang,uphold the law
Up on my soapbox,a leader
Out to change the world
Down in my pulpit as the holler
Than-thou-could-be-messenger of god

Wage the war on organized crime
Sneak attacks,repel down the rocks
Behind the lines
Some people risk to employ me
Some people live to destroy me
Either way they die

They killed my wife,and my baby
With hopes to enslave me
First mistake...last mistake|
Paid by the alliance,to slay all the giants
Next mistake...no more mistakes|

Fill the cracks in,with judicial granite
Because I don’t say it,don’t mean I ain’t
Thinkin’ it
Next thing you know,they’ll take my thoughts away
I know what I said,now I must scream of the overdose
And the lack of mercy killings


Etrange que le groupe ait pondu ce bijou (et l'album qui va avec, Rust in piece) tout en restant constant dans la banalité durant tous les autres albums.

BIen sur, il existe quelque titres de ci de là présents ailleurs qui sauve le lot. Mais en grande majorité, rien qui ne ressemble a Holy Wars.

La Vidéo est sympa, bien que trés vieille. On notera les ceintures en cartouches, mode des metalleux des années 80, et des images qui se voulait choquantes a l'époque dans le but manifeste de critiquer la guerre et l'armée.

Bon visionnage ;)


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Megadeth - Holy Wars
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