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    Salman Khan Laughs @ Photo Ban Controversy

    Bollywood Live

    by Bollywood Live

    With a massive bomb of paparazzi, the crowd went out of control at the recent song launch of Salman's Kick and a few were also thrashed to denials and abuses by the security guards! So you think the media took this easy? Oh c'mon! For the obvious, they made it even worse by banning to click any pictures of Salman from now on! Oh-My-God! But well, if you think such an uninvited ban will make Salman revolt to cry, then mind you, he is not one of them! If he's not at fault, he is never guilty and that's exactly why he is laughing around at all the media walas on twitter! Like really? Yes, peeps! Salman has put up an array of tweets splurging mud at this immature behavior! Take a look!
    Oh, my, my...this man! What a star! So what do you think of this retaliation? Will the media hate to love or love to hate? Punch in below!